Interpretation Project a participatory project

Happiness by Amy Drake

So much came together to make me happy when I took this picture. Sunshine after days and days of grey. Having an idea for a picture and showing up to find the elements I hoped for: fluffy clouds and cows near this particular barn. More importantly, I was on my way to see my brother [...]

Empty by Kim Torres / Lucent Dreams Photography

“Vacant” While no longer in use, this old building — maybe once a barn — makes me think of both what was and what could be. It is beautiful in its organic state of decay.

Vulnerable by Kelly Cook

We are all vulnerable creatures.

Pain by Sacha Bernard Lyngstad

This photograph was taken in a large city square in downtown Barcelona, Spain. Pain: A broken man, living in despair, after physical and emotional loss.

Faith by Kim Torres / Lucent Dreams Photography

“Connected” For me, faith is both individual and community-based.  I have the sense of being connected to the same all-powerful energy source as others — kind of like a tribe.

Vulnerable by Kim Upton

Very often my life works its way into some heights that are not always where I’d prefer to be.  One day our farm mascot was the subject of a “day of farm photos.”  In this spot it seemed so peaceful, so real, yet so vulnerable.

Happiness by Kim Torres / Lucent Dreams Photography

“Sunny Side Up” Also known as, “grow where you are planted.”  For me, the delicate balance of being happy with what I have AND simultaneously moving toward what I want is the key to happiness.

Happiness by Megan Conley

Happiness is being 80 years old and still being able to enjoy life to the fullest.  Happiness is winning a family horseshoe tournament on a sunny beach surrounded by the people who love you the most, your family, with a double ringer!  Happiness is getting to experience every bit of this with my family and [...]

Empty by Jessica Byrne

The Old Fire Tower Stands Alone, Empty until I climb to the top to fill the emptiness.

Faith by Jessica Byrne

Faith is seeing my daughter, knowing I had to have faith after 10 miscarriages.  Seeing her standing there is proof of my faith.

Faith by Kally Malcolm

Pure faith is kid’s stuff.  Like the belief, however temporary, that a terry cloth towel and a party favor can transform you into an all-powerful superhero.  As we experience the world, faith drifts and becomes much more difficult to hold close.

Pain by Ladetra Morgan

This is my little cousin Jackelyn.  She’s six.  She pushed down a little boy on a playground who said, “I’m sorry your mom died.”  Sometimes we’re mean, when we hurt the most.

Loneliness by Ladetra Morgan

Velma watches other cats out the window…. We’re getting another kitten next week.

Bored by Laurel Jiang

Sunday afternoon, sun was shining.  I realized that I should do something instead of let the sunshine wasted.  But I thought at the time all my friends were taking a nap.  So I took the tripod and go outside took pictures of myself.  Then I photoshop them into one picture.  Haha, now I can play [...]

Bored by Ladetra Morgan

During the summer, I sit a coffee shops and read, and take pictures of myself.  It’s the definition of boredom.