Interpretation Project a participatory project

Happiness by Tatiana Aristizabal

“Happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up.”

Happiness by Meryl R. B.

What could be better than a trip to Coney Island?

Empty by Vincent Purcell

On a trip to Tennessee, I was taken aback at the view from Bluff Mountain.  Atop the abandoned water tower lost in a jungle of cell phone and microwave communication towers, an eerie quiet fell upon upon the world interrupted only by the massive wind gusts–a strange reminder that above the bustling tourist trap USA, [...]

Faith by Latara Appleby

Faith that there is end in sight, the hardest part is just finding your way there.

Happiness by Linda M.

The neighborhood cat, Socks, constantly roams around my street and meows or hisses at people.  One day Socks paid a visit to my front porch and curled up on my camp chair.  I wanted so badly to get a shot of him sleeping but as I pointed my camera in Sock’s direction he perked up [...]

Bored by Latara Appleby

This is my friend Sarah, who offered to model for me for a class project.  I think this speaks for itself about how many students feel in certain classes.  It could also be interpreted as a college student having a hard time adjusting.

Loneliness by Tatiana Aristizabal

Fifty percent less.

Happiness by Ladetra Morgan

My younger brother and his best friend Judes are the happiest most care-free people I know.  Their laughter really is contagious.

Bored by Lauren

…hangin’ around…

Pain by Mary Bates

Freshman year of college I impaled my foot and had to get x-rays.  Sophomore year of college I broke my foot and tore a tendon.  Needless to say, the constant damage that I continue to do to my foot has caused me a significant deal of pain over the years.

Happiness by Lauren


Loneliness by Mary Bates

I remember when this picture was taken of me with my best friend.  We don’t really talk anymore, and when we do, things just aren’t really the same.  It makes me sad sometimes that we’re not really how we used to be.

Vulnerable by Lauren

Vulnerable is walking into the unknown.

Truth by Lauren

Life is an endless cycle that we are all a part of.

Pain by Amanda Strong

Every rose has its thorn.