Interpretation Project a participatory project


The words currently open to interpretation are: Anger, Bored, Empty, Faith, Happiness, Loneliness, Love, Pain, Regret, Truth, and Vulnerable.

Select a word and photograph what you think that word means or represents to you. This can be done on any type of camera, including your camera phone. You may also submit scanned images if no digital camera is available.  Please include a brief description of your interpretation of the word that you choose, and submit your image and description using the form below.

By submitting to this site, your photographs will be shown to the public through this website. The photographs can also be shown in various public forums outside of the internet, but your name or nickname will always be included with the image, along with the written description.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at interpretationproject[at]

Please allow a maximum of one week for your photograph to appear on the website.

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