Interpretation Project a participatory project

Bored by Laurel Jiang

Sunday afternoon, sun was shining.  I realized that I should do something instead of let the sunshine wasted.  But I thought at the time all my friends were taking a nap.  So I took the tripod and go outside took pictures of myself.  Then I photoshop them into one picture.  Haha, now I can play [...]

Bored by Ladetra Morgan

During the summer, I sit a coffee shops and read, and take pictures of myself.  It’s the definition of boredom.

Bored by Latara Appleby

This is my friend Sarah, who offered to model for me for a class project.  I think this speaks for itself about how many students feel in certain classes.  It could also be interpreted as a college student having a hard time adjusting.

Bored by Lauren

…hangin’ around…

Bored by Dana Rogers

Who could ever be bored with a vehicle like this?

Bored by Sara Jean

Took this picture at the mall and it reminded me of the song by Brad Paisley “Waitin’ on a Woman.”

Bored by Sara Jean

If only she had thumbs, she could have drank with us.

Bored by Michael Winters

Lola doesn’t get as much attention now that we have a baby.

Bored by Larry

An unwritten page is boredom.

Bored by Brady Denger

Anger, frustration, boredom…being stuck in traffic.

Bored by Brady Denger

When I’m bored I look at my watch every 30 seconds and it only makes time go by slower…

Bored by Leslie Doyle

In our boredom from the icestorm, my roommate and I decided to finally get rid of the lime green vomit color in our bathroom for this nice blue to go with our soon to be in the mail Koi fish shower curtain.

Bored by Chris

Here is a picture of my brother’s dog Zeva. She was bored out of her skull in my apartment a few months back.