Interpretation Project a participatory project

Empty by Kim Torres / Lucent Dreams Photography

“Vacant” While no longer in use, this old building — maybe once a barn — makes me think of both what was and what could be. It is beautiful in its organic state of decay.

Empty by Jessica Byrne

The Old Fire Tower Stands Alone, Empty until I climb to the top to fill the emptiness.

Empty by Vincent Purcell

On a trip to Tennessee, I was taken aback at the view from Bluff Mountain.  Atop the abandoned water tower lost in a jungle of cell phone and microwave communication towers, an eerie quiet fell upon upon the world interrupted only by the massive wind gusts–a strange reminder that above the bustling tourist trap USA, [...]

Empty by Brady Denger

There are the obvious implications of this picture of my gas gauge on empty.  But more than that, when I “run out of gas” (energy) in my own life, I often feel empty.  Like I have nothing left inside.

Empty by Julie Gross

At the time, my stomach was empty and I began to prepare dinner.  As I did, I hollowed out this pepper which then made it empty.

Empty by Larry

I am a smoker.  It is rare to find an empty ashtray in my studio.

Empty by Michael Winters

There’s nothing more empty than a dead body.

Empty by Steven Sprigler

I took a bunch of pictures at my niece’s birthday party last year and the ones that invoked the most feelings in me were the ones I took of the barrage of cupcakes. At the time I didn’t know why I felt so compelled to photograph a bunch of cupcakes in a bunch of different [...]

Empty by Leslie Doyle

I promised this journal I would write in it everyday in late November. I haven’t made it very far. Sometimes I have nothing to write, and I’ve felt pretty empty for the past two years.

Empty by Ralph

I had been talking with a friend about her marriage, about her feelings of being trapped. While thinking about fidelity and the daily choices that it requires, I saw this bronze and its emptiness as emblematic. A relationship in which you feel bound is already an empty one.

Empty by Chris

Here is a photo of an Elvis jumpsuit. It represents the emptiness of his loss and the talent that is missing from this world since his passing. My friend’s son is an ETA (Elvis Tribute Artist) and was selling these suits because they didn’t fit just right and he wanted a new suit that fit [...]

Empty by Wes Beltz

This is a pornographic DVD floating in a rice field in Japan.