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Faith by Kim Torres / Lucent Dreams Photography

“Connected” For me, faith is both individual and community-based.  I have the sense of being connected to the same all-powerful energy source as others — kind of like a tribe.

Faith by Jessica Byrne

Faith is seeing my daughter, knowing I had to have faith after 10 miscarriages.  Seeing her standing there is proof of my faith.

Faith by Kally Malcolm

Pure faith is kid’s stuff.  Like the belief, however temporary, that a terry cloth towel and a party favor can transform you into an all-powerful superhero.  As we experience the world, faith drifts and becomes much more difficult to hold close.

Faith by Latara Appleby

Faith that there is end in sight, the hardest part is just finding your way there.

Faith by Lauren

Nothing in my life has confirmed my faith more than living in a foreign country and getting to see the sun rise before the rest of the world.

Faith by Dana Rogers

When I was little I used to believe that every time it rained that meant there were angels crying.

Faith by Heather Sims

My two best friends on their wedding day.  Their undying faith in each other and the love that they share is remarkable.  They were very young (in my opinion), only in their 20′s, when they married.  Yet they knew that they’d always be there for each other.  Endless FAITH.

Faith by Michael Winters

Somebody said faith is like when you go to sit down in a chair.  You have faith that the chair will hold you.

Faith by Larry

A photo of the destitute and forgotten.  The cross brings peace and faith.

Faith by Heather Freeman

I never thought I would get married; my parents’ marriage, although still extant, isn’t a great role modal. But all worthwhile things are leaps of faith, I guess, so getting married was as much a union with another person as a leap of faith in one another.

Faith by Leslie Doyle

My Mamaw Andree slept with this picture above her bed, and it was the only thing I wanted when she died. She brought it with her from France when she was 14 years old. She had so much faith, and I hoped that some of it might rub off on me. I wanted to have [...]