Interpretation Project a participatory project

Happiness by Amy Drake

So much came together to make me happy when I took this picture. Sunshine after days and days of grey. Having an idea for a picture and showing up to find the elements I hoped for: fluffy clouds and cows near this particular barn. More importantly, I was on my way to see my brother [...]

Happiness by Kim Torres / Lucent Dreams Photography

“Sunny Side Up” Also known as, “grow where you are planted.”  For me, the delicate balance of being happy with what I have AND simultaneously moving toward what I want is the key to happiness.

Happiness by Megan Conley

Happiness is being 80 years old and still being able to enjoy life to the fullest.  Happiness is winning a family horseshoe tournament on a sunny beach surrounded by the people who love you the most, your family, with a double ringer!  Happiness is getting to experience every bit of this with my family and [...]

Happiness by Tatiana Aristizabal

“Happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up.”

Happiness by Meryl R. B.

What could be better than a trip to Coney Island?

Happiness by Linda M.

The neighborhood cat, Socks, constantly roams around my street and meows or hisses at people.  One day Socks paid a visit to my front porch and curled up on my camp chair.  I wanted so badly to get a shot of him sleeping but as I pointed my camera in Sock’s direction he perked up [...]

Happiness by Ladetra Morgan

My younger brother and his best friend Judes are the happiest most care-free people I know.  Their laughter really is contagious.

Happiness by Lauren


Happiness by Heather Sims

The best view in the world.  MY greatest happiness comes from spending a day with my horses and going for rides.

Happiness by Dana Rogers

I can think of this expression in any situation, and it makes me happy.

Happiness by Sara Jean

A happy redneck.

Happiness by Dana Rogers

When I found this prank of the changing the background on my laptop to this; it made me very happy.

Happiness by Julie Gross

My husband just bought a motorcycle and this pic is from the first time he took me for a ride.  The happiness comes from being together on the open road where the wind carries our worries away.

Happiness by Julie Gross

My son is a natural musician and has recently taken to the drums.  I know he’s happy when he’s playing music and it makes us happy listening to him perform with his passion.

Happiness by Brady Denger

Ice cream truck!  Who doesn’t get happy when they see/hear an ice cream truck?

Happiness by Michael Winters

It’s kind of obnoxious how happy an iced caramel latte can make me.

Happiness by Brady Denger

Happiness is being with my friends.

Happiness by Larry

Watching the growth of my plants brings me happiness.

Happiness by Jacob

How I spend practically ALL my free time. Happiness is a lot of the times experienced playing on my online/virtual “me”.

Happiness by Katelynn R.

Watching the youngest in my creative, but insane family color makes me want to keep being an artist.

Happiness by Hilary Brown
Happiness by Heather Freeman

This was a picture my husband (then fiance) took of me and his dog Indie a few hours after I proposed to him and he said “yes”!

Happiness by Doreen

For me communing with the sublime, awesome reality of nature brings happiness. Picture by Linda Blue, Pictured, Doreen

Happiness by Leslie Doyle

The happiest I have ever been is when my niece came into this world and I always loved rocking her to sleep while I sang to her.