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Loneliness by Ladetra Morgan

Velma watches other cats out the window…. We’re getting another kitten next week.

Loneliness by Tatiana Aristizabal

Fifty percent less.

Loneliness by Mary Bates

I remember when this picture was taken of me with my best friend.  We don’t really talk anymore, and when we do, things just aren’t really the same.  It makes me sad sometimes that we’re not really how we used to be.

Loneliness by Dana Rogers

Sometimes I’m happier alone a long drive, loud music, and the road.

Loneliness by Brady Denger

Loneliness is playing all by yourself.

Loneliness by Larry

I have very little company in my studio.  This is an empty chair where a visitor would sit.

Loneliness by Jodi

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for two years, but we go to school in different cities. My least favorite day is Sunday because that’s when one of us leaves to go home. I had sent him off that morning, not to see him again for another week. When I got back into my bed that [...]

Loneliness by Bill Santen
Loneliness by Ben Owen

The reason I chose this image (which I am borrowing from the New York Times) for Loneliness is because there is something so gut wrenchingly sad about this woman. She is alone in a bingo hall only surrounded by her good luck charms. I am not a man who cries frequently (ever really) but I [...]

Loneliness by Heather Freeman

The Madrid train station where I had to wait for seven hours to get a train to Granada after my flight came in late. I was going to visit my fiance, who I hadn’t seen for two months. Loneliness is more what I knew before him, but I don’t have many pictures from that time.

Loneliness by Cassandra Jean Lewis

This self portrait represents this moment in time and the loneliness that I have felt sitting outside my mothers house, late at night, in the middle of nowhere while smoking cigarettes. Sometimes it’s almost unbearable knowing that if I screamed no one would hear me.

Loneliness by Leslie Doyle

Just one toothbrush, not two.

Loneliness by Leslie Doyle

I’m the only one who sleeps in this bed, which tends to suck sometimes.

Loneliness by Clint

I once talked to an old man who was born into a very small community not unlike the one I grew up in. This man had accomplished many great things and seen much of the world. I said to him, “It seems like if you were born in a place like that, its something you [...]