Interpretation Project a participatory project

Love by Iryna Verbata

My project is a photograph of an origami composition which I created myself.  The composition consists of figurines that I folded which together symbolize love.  I used Valentine’s day color (red and white) for the project.  Particularly I used a lot of red because red symbolizes passion.  I folded pieces that are symbolic of love [...]

Love by Anonymous

Remember when I walked into our dorm room and you tackled me on the bed and just hugged me for a few minutes?  When you finally let up so I could breathe again I asked why you were so happy.  I had seen you just hours before and your response was, “Because I missed you.”  [...]

Love by Julie Gross

A few years back, my husband started putting an empty coffee mug beside the coffee maker for me.  This gesture signifies to me that he was thinking of me before I was even awake.  It has the same effect on me as a love note.

Love by Michael Winters

Mickie loves Owen.  I love Mickie and Owen.  Hopefully he loves us.

Love by Brady Denger

This is the family I live with.  This shows the love of a mother and her kids.

Love by Michael Winters

A collection of happy moments with the people I love.

Love by Larry

My art is my passion.  It is my love.

Love by Nikki

Love is spending time with my two little girls every summer. It is the lessons shared and the good times we have. Love is the long, hot days, playful giggles, and great fun we have. This love is real love.

Love by Katelynn R.

Love is driving four hours from school to home just to celebrate my brother’s birthday with my family.

Love by Alex Johns

This is my thigh! I messed with the contrast and brightness of the picture to make the bruise more apparent. I accidently gave it to myself playing tamborine during a show. I love the band and was really into the song, so I got too excited to care about the pain. The bruise lasted for [...]

Love by Nick Easterling

This picture represents several aspects of my personal definition of love. To me, love is both physical and emotional. This picture that I took of a couple in NYC captures that exactly. They are kissing, showing their true love for each other in front of everyone. Also, they have their child with them and this [...]

Love by Ben Owen

I don’t know why she loves me, but I’m glad.

Love by Emily Vollbrecht

See those eyes? That’s love.

Love by Heather Freeman

Okay, maybe a little too cliche, but this is our son Quinn about an hour after he was born. I remember thinking that the name “Quinn” seemed too small and simple, that he needed a name that reflected the vastness and complexity of the universe. Because that’s exactly how he looked to me, and that [...]

Love by Shawn Saunders

She may outgrow my lap but she will never outgrow my heart.

Love by Chris

Here is a true picture of love in nature with two bluebirds setting up a household together.

Love by Patty Schmittfull

This is what love means to me, when I see my dad being as happy as I have never seen him before. And it is just one little thing like a kite in the air that makes him that happy. I can hear in the background the ocean hitting the beach and the sand between [...]

Love by Catherine Murphy

The first one is of my best friend who passed away and love for me is someone who really knows you for you. Your faults, secrets and just cares about what makes you happy.

Love by Emily Vollbrecht

Two very good friends making a heart with their hands.

Love by Adrian Columbia

To me our wedding was the biggest symbol of our love for one another.

Love by Tyler Dearing

Love is being able to look stupid with the one you love and not care what other people think.

Love by Travis Shaffer
Love by Sierra

The dead tree against a beautiful sky is the love that lives on after the life has left its lovers.

Love by Sierra

This is symbolic of love’s choice. It could take the left or right side of the path, and along each path there are many obstacles and others to love as well.