Interpretation Project a participatory project

Pain by Sacha Bernard Lyngstad

This photograph was taken in a large city square in downtown Barcelona, Spain. Pain: A broken man, living in despair, after physical and emotional loss.

Pain by Ladetra Morgan

This is my little cousin Jackelyn.  She’s six.  She pushed down a little boy on a playground who said, “I’m sorry your mom died.”  Sometimes we’re mean, when we hurt the most.

Pain by Mary Bates

Freshman year of college I impaled my foot and had to get x-rays.  Sophomore year of college I broke my foot and tore a tendon.  Needless to say, the constant damage that I continue to do to my foot has caused me a significant deal of pain over the years.

Pain by Amanda Strong

Every rose has its thorn.

Pain by Larry

Pain involves the down time with my medium.  Having supplies but no emotion to paint.

Pain by Julie Gross

The flag was at half-mast in remembrance of September 11th, which was a painful event for all of us.

Pain by Ben Owen
Pain by Clint
Pain by Leslie Doyle

I have to go through some pain to get my tattoos, but I know once I go through all the steps, I will have something beautiful on my skin forever when it’s all said and done.

Pain by Chris

On top of being a T-4 through T-8 Paraplegic, in 2006 I was misdiagnosed for five months. It started off being a really dry cough in January. The cough turned bloody in February. The doctors started treating me at first for a cold. When that didn’t help, the doctor said it was bronchitis. After six [...]

Pain by Patty Schmittfull

(About 6 month ago, got a lot better since then) Oh, so you think I look happy on this picture, well guess what you have NO CLUE. I am hurting, I am hurting so much, that I am looking for any distraction I can find to keep myself away from self harm. I am at [...]