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Regret by Dana Rogers

I wonder if they will regret their decision later.

Regret by Michael Winters

Regret is always about time not spent well.

Regret by Julie Gross

I always have the best intentions when I buy potted flowers, but by the end of the growing season I simply forget to water them.  I regret that their dying beauty if because of my neglect.

Regret by Celia Storey

In the woods last fall, I was grieving over friendships I tossed away when I left college 30 years ago. Everything in that winter landscape seemed to say that I can never go back to redeem my lack of care. Lost friends are lost forever.

Regret by Heather Freeman

Indie died at the age of 11, but we missed her passing because we had to go to my obstetrician that morning. I’ll always wish I had told my husband to stay home with her. She died a week before our son was born and I miss her, and her sister Otto, terribly.

Regret by Leslie Doyle

I regret not getting closer to my granny when she was dying. I know there had to be more to her life, and I’m afraid she’s the only one who really knew.

Regret by Chris

I regret all the years that you could have been on the road, but instead the falling out that I had with my dad kept me from saving you from the weeds all these years. But now that we have reconciled I can also say that you represent hope that our relationship will again be [...]

Regret by Anonymous

I regret that I was there…I was there at the wrong time, and I was walking, yes walking, not like usually riding my bike. I regret no being able to fight back, I hate the fact that I wasn’t strong enough. I regret that I didn’t work out more to have more muscles to prevent [...]