Interpretation Project a participatory project

Vulnerable by Kelly Cook

We are all vulnerable creatures.

Vulnerable by Kim Upton

Very often my life works its way into some heights that are not always where I’d prefer to be.  One day our farm mascot was the subject of a “day of farm photos.”  In this spot it seemed so peaceful, so real, yet so vulnerable.

Vulnerable by Lauren

Vulnerable is walking into the unknown.

Vulnerable by Heather Sims

This was one of my most vulnerable moments.  It was taken by me just as my boyfriend walked in the room.  I was caught completely off guard and felt very vulnerable and a little embarrassed that he’d caught me taking pictures of myself.

Vulnerable by Larry

I feel vulnerable living in the city.

Vulnerable by Alex Johns

I found this bird outside my front steps. It was covered with ants and although I normally avoid dead animals I felt particularly close to this one for some reason. I took many pictures of it and this one isn’t my very favorite, notice the blur, but I do feel that it most fits the [...]

Vulnerable by Ruth Adams

Powerline covered in thick, thick ice Phone and cable lines pulling out of the side of my house Branches falling minute by minute I hold my breath each time I hear the crack and hope that they don’t land on anything “Important” My 40 foot white pine has lost 90% of its branches My 4 [...]

Vulnerable by Heather Freeman

The southeastern coast of Spain. I was re-united with my fiance after two months apart… and I felt like an awkward teenager all over again!